WAG354G and Singnet

Since I had experienced some issues setting the router to work on Singnet ADSL, I thought of posting some details maybe will help others too ;-)

WAG354G setup screen

Basically the following are “critical”:

Encapsulation:      RFC 2516 PPPoE (*)
Multiplexing:        LLC
VPI:                       0
VCI:                      100
DSL Modulation:   ADSL+
Service Name:       Singnet
User Name:           <your id>@singnet
Password:             <your passwd>
Keep Alive:            Redial Period 20 sec

* – Also using the PPPoA works just fine. Of course if you don’t mind the differences between PPPoA and PPPoE…

Due my contract, my speed is limited to about 3 Mb/sec for download and 256 Kb/sec for upload. And the speed stays pretty much the same on both PPPoA and PPPoE or using the original Linksys firmware (1.01.11). One difference is that my laptop seems to connect faster to the WLAN then with the original router firmware. Maybe is just an impression :-)


2 thoughts on “WAG354G and Singnet

  1. Hi,

    I’m just trying my luck here, but do you happen to still have your WAG354G? I’d like to buy it from you (for cheap hopefully). Please email me if you do want to. Thanks!


    • Hi Terence, sorry, after internal ADSL modem died I open it and only have the casing. You may be able to find an old one online or maybe Sim Lim?

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