I was not happy with my Dlink DSL2640T router cause I was not able to access my website from inside of my network using the external DNS and also some other issues related to port forwarding and some other Advanced settings. 

I managed to get a second hand WAG354G for 50 SGD and it took me some time to make it work properly. By default was using an old version of firmware (1.01.5) and I was not able to make it work on my ISP ADSL over PPPoE. I even upgrade the firmware to a higher one (1.01.11) with no issues but I was still not able to make it work on PPPoE. Trying then all the settings I set it on PPPoA and suddenly started to work. I managed to solve the “issue” with accessing my website from within my LAN but using this version I was not able to configure DHCP to assign a set of IP’s using a predefined list of MACs which was frustrating as I wave few systems that may need to work over fixed IP but I do not want to hardcoded the IP on them. Was also an issue when you restart the router and the devices attached had a static IP: till the ARP table gets refreshed, the router could not do the port forwarding properly to that device and my site become unavailable…

 WAG354G router

I did some research and I found the NEPTUNE 354 firmware here. The installation was very simple, exact like the original firmware. There is nothing else to do then download, upload it to the router (over a wired connection!) and restart :-) 

Now, everything is there and many other extra goodies! Everything working like a charm! On top of all you need you have option to even write your own scripts and placed them on a small new R/W partition and even map an external filesystem to it. My DHCP mapping and port forwarding if working fine and there is no more annoying dead time. 

The router, by default, is coming only with internal antenna and a RF connector, very ingenious hidden) that can take an additional antenna if you may need extended coverage. I was able to fit a Dlink antenna, from an older AP, with no issues. Since my place is not that big, I can not really test the coverage, but is good to know that there are options ;-) 

Overall I’m happy (for now) with this setup and also with the size and the shape of the device. Saves a lot of space and is pretty much doing the job the way I need it :-) 


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