Saturday evening I had to help a colleague who was facing some issues in using VPN to connect to company’s network. I had actually to send him the latest version of the client binaries. Once rich home I realised that my router is not working properly anymore. Basically the DHCP server was not running and the WLAN and the LAN keep restarting non stop.

To make it even better, the modem (ADSL) lost the authentication details also… In order to restart, you have to call from your land line the support number and restart the password, but I do not had a phone cause I do not use the land line :-|

The following day, Sunday, I was supposed to work for one of the projects, from the morning till early afternoon but I could not use the network home and I had to go early morning to the office and work from there… No airconn… :'(

I finished my stuff just before 3 PM and then I went to Funan to buy a new router, this time with ADSL modem integrated. I was targeting to buy LinkSys WAG200G but seems is already replaced by the new design, the “CISCO” ones… Very bad design: internal antenna, shiny black, everyone complain about performance and stability, can only be used in horizontal position, etc… In the end I choose to go with Dlink DSL2640T router. Small, cheap and 3 years warranty make it a good choice even if I was not happy with other Dlink products.

Dlink DSL -2640T

To set it was easy, it took me few minutes to have my basic network running again. Till now, everything nice, the bad part is that nothing else then browsing was working: port forwarding is a pain to set (can not access my web server anymore from inside), the interface is buggy and inconsistent, the DHCP is so troublesome to set it if you want to assign by default some of the IP’s… The DHCP is also useless if by mistake you restart one of the machines in the network (it will not be seen anymore in the DHCP Client status, can not use anymore port forwarding, all the settings are gone, etc). While is easy to set up and use for a basic home network, very small and compact, is really very unfriendly if you intend to use it for port forwarding, vpn, etc… Thinking already to buy a second hand WAG354G or WAG200G and keep this only as a backup in case my router will die again.


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