Upgrading DB2

Already back and already so many things to do in the office. Several new or current projects are running and need to go live the following months. Anyway, in order to fix one of the incidents we had sometime back, related to db2fm process taking a lot of CPU on DB2 v8 FP7, I had to upgrade DB2 to latest stable FP, FP16.

In short this is the procedure:

– Stop DB2 services:

# su – <db2 instance id>
$ db2 force application all
$ db2stop
$ db2licd –end
$ exit

# su – db2das
$ db2admin stop
$ exit

–   Stop db2fm services

# db2fmcu –d
# db2fm -D

–  Install FP16 from the folder where you decompress the binaries using (always install FP without commit on AIX so you can rollback if is any issue):

# ./installFixPak –y –a

–  Run following command to update the DB2 instance:

# /usr/opt/db2_08_01/instance/db2iupdt –k <db instance id>

–  Run the following command to update DAS instance:

# /usr/opt/db2_08_01/instance/dasupdt -d

–  Start instances:

# su – <db instance id>
$ db2start

–   For each DB run:

$ db2 connect to <database>
$ cd  sqllib/bnd
$ db2  bind  @db2ubind.lst BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC
$ db2  bind  @db2cli.lst BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC
$ db2 bind db2schema.bnd BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC sqlerror continue
$ db2 terminate

–   Start DAS instance:

# su – db2das
$ db2admin start
$ exit

–  Check for every DB:

# su – <db instance id>
$ db2 connect to <database>

Database Connection Information
Database server        = DB2/AIX64 8.2.9
SQL authorization ID   = <db instance id>
Local database alias   = <database>


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